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ATTENTION PARENTS and adult learners!



FALL SEMESTER STARTS SEPTEMBER 8, 2020 and running weekly through december 9th. 

 12 virtual learning sessions with week 13 being a wrap-up session. 


$130 for the semester per student. Supplies can be purchased on amazon or at your local big box mart or hobby store. 

Scroll Down for the Elementary Art Syllabus (Grades 3-6) 

Scroll Down for the High School and Adult Drawing 1 Syllabus (Grades 7-12 and Adult Learners) 

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Elementary Art - Grades 3-6 Wednesday Nights from 6:30-7:30 PM Sept 9-Dec 16 2020) Via Zoom (Instructions TBD) 


 Syllabus: Art Exploration (ages 9-12): Students will delve into the elements and principles of art through this 13 week class. Art history, art exploration and production will be the main focus of this very fun learning experience. 


    Week 1: Learning to Draw Colorful Insects. Students will make realistic observation drawings insects. Students will be able to draw an insect and name the different body parts: head, thorax, abdomen. Elements discussed: Line, Shape, and Color. 


    Week 2: Critique Bug drawings and move into adding color to them. The focus on this class will be learning to mix colors and make the bugs look more realistic using “value” by shading from light to dark within the bug shapes. Elements discussed: Line, Shape, Color, and Value. 


    Week 3: Critique Colored Bug Drawings. Cubist Self Portraits. Students will do a self portrait and abstract it/adding color in a fractured way like Picasso did during the Cubist movement of the early 1900s. Elements discussed: Line, Shape, Color, and Value.


    Week 4: Critique self portraits. Move into a unit on perspective or 3D illusion drawings using atmospheric perspective and size relationships to create depth. Elements discussed: Line, Shape, Color, Value, and Space.


    Week 5: Critique 3D drawings. This week will focus on the element of texture and doing a textural collage. Each student will construct a 2D animal using crayon rubbings of textures found in the home. Elements Discussed: Shape, Color, Texture 


    Week 6: Critique Texture Animals. Everyone loves sculpture! Today, we will discover the element of Form and make pinch pot monsters! Elements discussed: Form, Line, Shape, Texture. 


    Week 7: Critique Pinch Pot Monsters. Move into a unit on patterns. Talk about Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” and how he used visual patterns to make his masterpiece interesting. Each student will construct a “doodle drawing” made of many patterns. 


    Week 8: Critique Pattern Drawings. 3D Pizza Party. Make a slice of pizza with found objects and air dry clay from your home. Concentrate on searching for interesting objects. Use your imagination. How crazy can you make your pizza? Use your tempera paints to decorate your pieces. 


    Week 9: Critique Pizza sculptures. This wee we will focus on drawing and using color to make eyes come to life. Draw a creature with shiny, life-like eyes focusing on the anatomy of the eye-opening, iris, pupil, lid. Also discuss a fluffy texture. Think “Sully” on Monster’s Inc. 


    Week 10: Critique Critter Drawings. Move into a unit on drawing from different angles. We will draw an animal or human figure from a bug’s view! 


    Week 11: Critique extreme view drawings. Playing with the glue. Black glue projects with pastels focusing on pattern, texture and color. 


    Week 12: Critique black glue projects. Move into a unit on contour line drawings. Draw your hand and watch it POP off the page. We will learn contour line drawings and making objects appear to jump off of the paper.  


    Week 13: Last class-wrap up semester and talk about how to use your left-over art supplies! 

Elementary Art, Grades 3-6                 

Supply list: 

Box of 64 crayons

2 sharpie markers (medium tip) 


White glue

(4-6th grade) Medium Box of colored pencils. (Crayola work great) 

80# white drawing paper


White, crayola Air dry clay (one bucket)


Found Cardboard (can be a pizza box) 

ONE SMALL red, yellow and blue tempera paint and a few brushes. 

Black Glue:


Small set of watercolors.


Better watercolor brush set:

Drawing 1 - Ages 13-Adult Tuesday Nights from 6:30-7:30PM Sept 7-Dec 15 2020) Via Zoom (Instructions TBD)
This class is intensely drawing focused and constructed to get you the biggest bump of drawing in one semster. The finished projects and sketchbook assignments woudl be "portfolio worthy" for admission into art school or to better your drawings skills!   

Syllabus: The elements of Design (ages 13-Adult): During this whole semester we will focus on the elements of art: line, shape, color, value, texture, form, and space. Students will learn how the elements of art are used to produce art and will practice those elements throughout the 13 weeks of instruction as well as a weekly sketchbook assignment that should take no more than 1 hour to complete. Projects will be on-going to allow mastery of the element of art. 


    Week 1:  Sketchbook assignment: Draw a small insect. Instructor will cover and discuss the elements of art and demonstrate proper ways each element is used in examples. The first two elements we will cover will be line and value. Those elements will be demonstrated and discussed with a guided practice exercise to be worked on during the week. 

Week 2 JH-High School and Adults: Discuss lines and sketchbook assignments. Guided practice on value or shading. Work on value scale bars and value spheres. Discuss how light hits objects in space and how to replicate that in the 2D sector. Sketchbook assignment. Draw you hand. Find a contour line drawing of a person, place, or thing for next week’s project on line and value. 



Week 3: Critique value scale bars and value spheres. Introduce shattered image project and demonstrate proper techniques.   Sketchbook Assignment: Draw your favorite animal and shade. 


Week 4: Continued work on the Shattered image project with progress “show and tell.” Sketchbook Assignment: What happens when Godzilla attacks? Draw it and shade. 


Week 4: Critique shattered image projects. Introduce color and talk about color as an element of art. Hue and Tint will be discussed along with primary, secondary, tertiary, and complementary color introduction. Introduce the apple project. Students will draw an apple and make it appear to be 3D on a 2D plane using value, texture, line, shape, and color. We will discuss the value apple and contour line apple today. The other apples will be added next week. Sketchbook Assignment: TBA


Week 5: Continue Apple project. Focus on color apple using colored pencils. I will discuss how to use the Prismacolor colored pencils and the blender pencil. Demonstration on how to display your apple drawings all together. Sketchbook Assignment: TBA


Week 6: Critique Finished Apple Projects. Move into a unit on the anatomy of the human eye and how to draw them. I will provide a specific eye and we will draw that eye. This will be a one or two session unit. Sketchbook Assignment: TBA


Week 8: Critique Eye drawings. Move into a unit on Pattern. Learn about tessellations and M.C. Escher. Make a unique tessellation and use the elements of drawing and art you have learned so far to make it awesome! Sketchbook Assignment: TBA

Week 9: Critique pattern drawings and then move into a unit on Using colored pencils to produce a photo-realistic drawing of food. I will discuss how to use the Prismacolor colored pencils in depth. Sketchbook Assignment: TBA


Week 10: Guided practice on photorealistic food drawings. (May take one more week) Sketchbook Assignment: TBA


Week 11: Critique photorealistic food drawings. This week we will discuss a capstone project for this semester. TBD based on class recommendations. Sketchbook Assignment: TBA


Week 12: Studio Week-Sketchbook Assignment: TBA


Week 13: Present your work as a complete portfolio of art to the whole class. 

SUPPLIES: Junior High and High School Art, Grades 7-12 

Set of Drawing pencils 8B-5H. 

1- Kneaded Eraser. 

Sketchbook (any size) 

5mm mechanical lead pencil (pop pencil) and lead (HB) 

Set of Prismacolor colored pencils


Prismacolor blender pencil:


Pencil sharpener

Standard Eraser (black or white not pink!) 

Pencil sharpener (hand-held is fine, but if you have an electric one, that’s good too!) 

Spray Fixitive


Book - “Drawing for Dummies”



80# white drawing paper


Black poster board - 1 Piece. 

Glue stick or rubber cement. 


Nice, cork backed metal ruler


Drawing board or smooth salvaged board (optional)


Masking tape (if you buy a drawing board) 


1 or 2 pieces of Illustration board (link for example. This can be purchased at Michael’s!) :